Business Challenge What is it?

In the spring, physical activity takes Quebec businesses by storm with the 10th edition of the Défi Entreprises. Now present in 5 cities in Quebec and offered virtually across Canada, the Défi Entreprises is a unique opportunity to unite employees around a common goal: to improve health in businesses. Through training programs, video clips and advice, participants train for 12 weeks to meet one or more of the following challenges:


--5 km OR 10 km / walking or running;
- Cardio-fit / circuit of different bodybuilding exercises; 
- 1 hour from Zumba
- 1 hour from Yoga


Since 2011, we have helped nearly 100 people become more active through our program. What is even more impressive is the effect that Défi Entreprises has on these participants.


Employees participating in the Challenge do an average of one hour of additional physical activity per week since their participation. In addition, more than 85% of participants reach the goal they set for themselves. These figures are even more impressive when you consider that 70% participants were at their first event. 


It is estimated that over 600 hours of training have been completed, in part thanks to the Défi Entreprises. It is estimated that nearly $ 000 million has been or will be saved in direct health care costs. As for indirect costs, it is estimated that approximately $ 3 million has been saved by the various levels of government and employers. To find out more about the costs related to physical inactivity, click here.


Le Corporate Challenge is organized by the organization Défi Entreprises active and is a production of Health Training.


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