What is the 42-day Workplace Challenge?

In the fall, physical activity takes businesses by storm with the first edition of the 42-day Business Challenge!


This new Challenge will give you the chance to set a new goal for the fall and work towards it with your colleagues. All participating businesses will try to reach an average of 100 minutes of physical activity per participant per week during the 5 weeks of training. Participants will have access to training support and videos (Yoga, Zumba and Cardio-FIT) so they can properly prepare for the challenge on October 42: 


- 5 km (walk, run or mix of both)

- 10 km (walk, run or mix of both)

- 45 minutes of Zumba

- 45 minutes of Yoga

- 45 minutes of Cardio-Fit with a resistance band (included in the registration)


Since 2011, we have helped nearly 100 people become more active through our program. What is even more impressive is the effect that Défi Entreprises has on these participants.


Employees who participate in the Workplace Challenge workout an additional one hour per week once they start the Challenge. Also, more than 85% of participants reach their goal.


Since the start of the Workplace Challenge, people have worked out for more than 600,000 hours thanks to the program. It is estimated that almost $6 million has been or will be saved in direct health care costs. As for indirect costs, it is estimated that approximately $3.6 million has been saved by various levels of government and employers. To find out more about the costs related to physical inactivity, click here.

Physical activity

Yes, physical activity is good for your health. Being active decreases our risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It also improves our overall mood and our mental health with the help of endorphins.  

We know that physical activity has the power to make us feel more alive, put us in touch with ourselves and make our lives more satisfying and happier.


We are convinced that physical activity is an effective solution to a number of social issues such as the increase in health costs over the past few years. We are proud to be part of the solution.


The Workplace Challenge is organized by the organization Défi Entreprises and is a production of the Défis Group.

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