1. How do I enter / view my training minutes in my profile?


You must first log in to your profile by entering your user code (not your email address) and your password. Then, in the left menu, select “Workouts”. A window will open with your name and your saved training minutes. Click on "Manage workouts for (your name)". A calendar will appear. Select the date on which you performed physical activity and click on “Add a workout”. 


2. When can I expect to receive my participant kit?


We encountered some supply difficulties which caused some delivery delays on our part and we apologize for this. That being said, please allow 3 to 5 business days before receiving your kit.


3. Is there a deadline to register for the 42 Day Challenge?


Absolutely not! Please note, however, that the Challenge begins on September 7, that the price increase will be on September 22 and that the final week of activities will be from October 12 to 18.


4. How can I access the videos of the final week?


You must first log into your profile. The videos will be available from October 12 in the “Participant zone” tab in the left menu. Please note that the videos will be accessible at all times during this period, allowing you to watch them at the time that suits you.

Note, however, that a multitude of videos and articles are currently available in the Participant Zone.


5. Is it possible to create a team within my company?


Absolutely! Make a request by writing to info@defientreprises.com.


6. Where can I find my electronic bib? 


It can be found in your account under the "Participant Zone" tab.


7. How do I add / adjust my training goal?


You must first login to your profile. Click on “Edit my profile” under your name in the 42 Day Challenge. Enter your training goal per week in the tab provided for this purpose on the right. Please note that the objective will turn into minutes and will be multiplied by 6 since the Challenge lasts 6 weeks.