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Following your registration, here are some tools you can use to promote the Workplace Challenge to your employees. To effectively coordinate your communications with ours, we invite you to read the 2021 communication plan.

In order to optimize your promotion of the Workplace Challenge, here is our Best practice guide.



Would you like to invite your colleagues to participate in the Challenge in the form of emails or by placing a message on your intranet? We have prepared a template that you can use by adapting it to your company colors. To download it in word format, click here.

At the beginning of March, we suggest that you remind your employees that training is starting soon. To download a sample email, click here.




30 seconds video to invite your employees to participate.




1. A simple image to invite your employees to register


2. An email header to add color to your communication tools;


The Workplace Challenge logo in PNG format;
Color version;
White on black version;
Black version.




Finally, we offer you direct communication with our team. We will be happy to answer all your questions: we are here for you!

info@defientreprises.com / Tphone: 1-855-249-3131 or (418) 266-3771.


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Download the complete guide to physical activity in the workplace produced by Actiz.


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