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Achieve a team goal with your business.

Health promotion is of the utmost importance in an organization, but it takes time and expertise. 

The Défi Entreprises program gives you a structured, turnkey program led by a team of professionals. You will also receive tools to promote within your company.


In addition, as the program ends with an adapted event, it is mobilizing and safe for your teams!

The challenge

The participating companies offer their employees the opportunity to participate in a 3-month in-company physical activity program, during which they accumulate their physical activity minutes and have access to a complete health toolkit;


The 3-month program ends with a unifying event. Participants can participate in the Virtual Package, offered 100% online and across Canada or in the Experience Package, which includes a face-to-face part adapted to the health situation and which will be offered in the cities of Quebec, Montreal, Gatineau / Ottawa, Trois-Rivières and Saguenay;


Companies can track their number of participants and minutes accumulated throughout the Challenge.


Who is it for?

The program is aimed at organizations with 2 to 100 employees. Self-employed? You are also eligible since we have a category for this purpose that does not require the registration of a business.

What does that commit us to?

Companies that register undertake to promote the Challenge to their employees. The rest we take care of.


How does it work?

1. Determine who will be the manager in your company, that is to say the person who will be responsible for coordinating the Défi Entreprises internally;


2. Register the company in each of the cities where you would like to have participants in the Experience Package. If you only have Virtual Package participants, you can select the city closest to you;


3. While registering the company, you will have to select the number of conferences and training sessions you want, you can select 0 if you don't want any;


4. Select the amount the company would like to pay on each employee's registration. Indicate 0 if you do not wish to contribute;


5. Following your registration, we will send you the tools to promote the Challenge within your company.



Where is it?

The entire preparation period takes place remotely. Businesses from across Canada can participate. The final event takes place 100% online for Virtual Package participants, while the Experience Package ends with a course to be completed in the following cities: Quebec, Montreal, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau / Ottawa and Saguenay.


How much does it cost?

The basic cost to register your business is $ 100 + tx before December 16 and $ 135 + tx thereafter;

Then your business can choose to host one or more lectures ($ 400) and / or trainings ($ 100) if they so desire.

Finally, once the company has registered, each participant must register at a cost of $ 30 (Virtual Package) or $ 45 (Experience Package) depending on the package chosen. The company can choose to pay all or part of this amount.



What conferences are offered?

We offer conferences on 3 topics: 

Details of the conferences can be found below.


Are there any prizes to be won?

A trophy will be awarded to the company which has obtained the highest percentage of participation in the Challenge, in 4 categories. The participation percentage is calculated by dividing your number of participants by your total number of employees:


The Fastest Business Contest

We will give a trophy to the company which brings together the 5 fastest runners for the 5 km distance and a trophy to the company which brings together the 5 fastest runners for the 10 km distance. 


The Most Trained Company Contest

We will give a trophy to the company that has accumulated the most minutes of physical activity per participant. 


The most generous company competitione

A trophy will be awarded to the company that has raised the most money in donations for the foundation associated with the Défi Entreprises in its city.







Launch conference by the Défi Entreprises team

Theme: Motivation, this fascinating subject!

Description: Motivation is a topic on everyone's lips! Motivation at work, motivation to play sports and motivation at school are subjects often discussed. Should we motivate ourselves to be motivated? In this conference, we will learn more about motivation, what it is, where it comes from and how we can influence it.


Conference on nutrition by Karine Gravel, nutritionist and doctor of nutrition: 

Theme: The recipe for nourishing with benevolence


Our relationship with food tends to become more complex. We are told to lose weight, cut down on sugar, pay attention to fat, avoid such an ingredient, add such a thing, not to do this and especially to do that. The result: we lost the ability to eat recklessly like little children. But there is hope!

Défi Entreprises offers an interactive conference in nutrition to improve your knowledge of the history of food restriction, the role of feelings of appetite, the acceptance of body image and the achievement of natural weight. It is an invitation to better understand your relationship with food and to discover the recipe for caring for food.


Conference on mental health at work

Theme: Resilience in the face of stress

Description: Why do some people bounce back more easily after hard evidence? Why do others fall apart? This workshop will provide a better understanding of what resilience is and how it can help not only to overcome hardships, but also to be enhanced by them. Key elements, tools and strategies to develop greater resilience will be presented. 


Group training sessions led by Cardio Plein Air:

Theme: Train with your colleagues

Description: A trainer will come to your workplace to lead a training session that will include a warm-up period, a training period as well as a cool-down period. The content of the session is at the choice of the company.




The main responsibility of the company manager is to register the company, coordinate the Challenge internally and be the point of contact. In addition, the person in charge is in charge of rallying the troops !! 



You can register your business in multiple cities. To do this you must repeat the registration procedure for each of the desired cities. As a business manager, you can use the same email address and password for each of your business listings.



If you want to know the number of participants registered in your company, you must select "Connection" at the top right. Under connection, enter your email address and your password. Then select "business". You will be able to modify the information concerning your company, know the number of participants registered under your company and export them in an Excel file.


You can also use the page of your company available in the tab List of Companies as a dashboard. You will find the number of minutes accumulated by your company, your number of participants, the amount of your fundraising and a list of your employees who have trained the most.



Starting in January, you will receive tools that you can use to invite your employees to participate in the Corporate Challenge that you can print or transfer electronically. 



In connection with the services you have selected, you will need to plan a date and time when you would like to receive the speakers. To do this, you must contact us. info@defientreprises.com Conferences and training sessions must be held between February and June.



On the day of the event, we provide each company with a 10'X10 'space. For all companies with 50 participants or more, a space of 10'X20 'will be allocated to you. There is no marquee included with the company registration. You can liven up your space by renting a marquee, distributing refreshments or the like. If you want to rent a marquee contact our supplier, Temptation marquees. If you prefer to set up a tent with the image of your company, you can come and set it up during the afternoon before the Défi Entreprises event, between 13:00 p.m. and 16:00 p.m.



On the day of the event, you can take a team photo at the Défi Entreprises “Photo Booth”. In order for everyone to be present, the ideal is to create a meeting.



From March, participants' envelopes will be sent directly to their homes. 



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