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A motivating program for you and your colleagues.

We created the Défi Entreprises because we are convinced of one thing: physical activity is good for physical and mental health. Over the past 10 years, we have helped more than 100 participants increase the amount of physical activity they do, thanks to our program!

The challenge

For 3 months, we provide you with training tools, such as training programs, home training videos and health tips;


You have access to a web platform that allows you to accumulate your minutes of physical activity and we encourage you to take up the Challenge of doing 100 minutes per week;


We send your home an envelope containing your bib, a t-shirt and a medal;


We end it all with an event, in which you participate virtually or face-to-face, depending on the package you have chosen.


Who is it for?

If your business is registered, you are invited to register! If not, this is a good opportunity to present the project to your human resources manager.



What does it commit to?

We suggest that you make a commitment to yourself by setting a goal that is important to you. For our part, we suggest that participants make a commitment to themselves to do 100 minutes of physical activity per week and meet at least one of the 5 final challenges.



What is the Experience Package?

The Experience Package is our way of adapting the traditional Business Challenge to the pandemic. It will be adjusted to the health situation which will be in force in spring 2021. At a minimum, it will include a marked and timed route, signage on the route and on arrival, a snack, a gift card at Altterre and 3 exclusive webinars. The 3 webinars given will be:


How does it work?

1. You register;


2. Following your registration, we will send to your home an envelope containing a bib, a jersey, a medal and recipe cards;


3. Starting in March, you will receive a weekly email summarizing the workouts to be done for the week;


4. In June, you participate in the final event according to the package chosen.



Where is it?

The entire preparation period takes place remotely. Businesses from across Canada can participate. Participants outside of Canada may participate. However, we need to send their envelope to a Canadian address, which can then be forwarded.


The final event takes place 100% online for Virtual Package participants, while the Experience Package ends with a route to be completed in the following cities: Quebec, Montreal, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau / Ottawa and Saguenay.


How much does it cost?



 Fares will increase by $ 5 on April 6 at 23:59 p.m., then by $ 5 on April 27 at 23:59 p.m.





Your registration is 100% exchangeable / transferable / refundable until your kit is sent by mail. Once the kit is sent, the registration is no longer refundable, but it is possible to transfer your registration to another person. To do so, please contact us at info@defientreprises.com



Here are some services and tools to help you take on any challenge:



You will receive a weekly email during the three months of the Défi Entreprises including a word of encouragement in order to maintain your level of motivation, important information concerning the event of Corporate Challenge and advice of all kinds in many forms.


You will receive seven levels of training plan for both walkers and runners. These plans include details for warming up, training and cool-down. The program also includes muscle building videos as well as online Zumba videos.  


Forty-eight training sessions 


You can voluntarily decide to participate in a fundraiser for the foundation chosen by Défi Entreprises. Défi Entreprises agrees to donate $ 10 per company registered for the event.



Starting in March, we will deliver your kit to your home.



Family members or friends can register to complete the Challenge with you. They must be registered online as an “attendant” under your company.

Children 14 years old and under who wish to accompany their parent, without rewards (bib, t-shirt, medal, lunch) can do so. It's free for them, so they don't have to register online.

Children 14 and under who wish to receive the same services as participants must register online as an “attendant” under your company.

Strollers are allowed on the course. However, we ask you to be courteous to other participants. 

Animals are not allowed on the course with the exception of service animals.



The Défi Entreprises still offers events accessible to everyone, including people with a disability. There is no specific category for them but we invite you to contact us after your registration to set up an accommodation on the day of the Challenge!



We encourage people who need a support person to register for the Défi Entreprises. These participants can register a guide at no additional cost. The guide must be found by the person with a disability. Walking and running are the only means of transport authorized on the course for accompanying persons. To register, please contact us at info@defientreprises.com


There are no special categories for people in wheelchairs. Motorized wheelchairs and "handbikes" are not allowed.


The site includes parking lots for people with disabilities.


The site includes a universal chemical toilet.


The races are run on cycle tracks with a uniform and smooth surface. Note that the course is relatively flat. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more specific questions: info@defientreprises.com


Terms and Conditions

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